Shahid Modhej Power Plant(Zargan)

The Shahid Modhej Power Plant is located at 9th kilometer of the Ahwaz – Masjedsoleyman Road and in the east north of the Ahwaz city. The contractor of the steam units was British GEC and the ACEC form Belgium built the gas units.
The first steam unit with the power of 145MW was built in 1976 and four gas units were installed three years later in the 1979.


After signing the contract with the South Korean Dewoo Corporations in 1990, the Tavanir Company started reconstructing the power plant after the 8-years war between Iran and Iraq. At the 1992 the second steam unit was completed with the efforts of the Tavanir Company and it joined the whole country electricity net in 1993.

The water used in the power plant is taken from the Karoun River and this is don e by auxiliary pumps in the case of low water level. The power plant itself, was invaded five times during the 8-years war between Iran and Iraq.

The steam unit turbine is designed for 121bar pressure in the 540C temperature and is installed horizontally. The turbine has a high pressure cylinder involving 15 stages and a low pressure cylinder with six stages (Double Flow Stages).
The ultimate vacuum rate in the condenser is 0.0898.